Junior High and High School

Ever since I was 10 years old, I have always had an interest in computers. When my dad bought me my first computer in 2012 I began to play games on it. Then I would search things like, "How do I make my games run faster?" on the internet and they would yield some results. This made me interested in computers because I thought that it was cool that you could download somehting and it would make your game run faster. After using my computer for a couple years, naturaly problems would occur. I recall one time the, "New Folder", option was no longer there when I would right click. I did some research on the internet and it lead me to something called the registry. This sparked my interest even more because I had just discovered a extension of my computer that I never knew even existed. By now I had already been exposed to command prompt when I was attempting to make Minecraft Servers. The concept of IP Addresses was still new to me but I had a pretty good picture of what it was.

Once I entered Junior High, I took up the GATE program. Although I hardly understood anything of what was going on, I thought it was really cool that I could program something, and I was doing the same thing that other computer scientists were doing. I thought that coding was AWESOME!

In 8th Grade, my dad funded my first computer build. Up until then, I had no idea about any computer hardware. The only two things I had heard of what CPU and RAM, and this was just because of the games that I had played. By building my own computer I learned about motherboards and Graphics Cards. I already knew about hard drives. I thought it was cool that I could go to the store and buy some parts and assemble them together and it would result in a computer, many times performing much better than store bought computers for a fraction of the price.

I was really excited to be in the GITA program once I entered High School. Being in GITA further interested me in computers. I learned many things in GITA, one of them being that a lot more than you think goes behind simple things. Being able to collaberate with my friends to make a really cool game was fun for me. I really enjoyed being in GITA because it was a fun, social environment where everyone was willing to help everyone else.

My Future Plans

Although it is unclear to me what my occupation will be when I grow up; I am certain that it will involve some sort of coding with computers. It is even unclear to me what collge I plan to go to. The one thing I know for sure is that, once I get out of High School, I plan to go straight to Fullerton Community College. Although many people go straight to University, I find that they waiste so much money on taking their General E.D. I find that if I go to community college first, I can get my General E.D. units out of the way and, once I leave, I can transfer all of my units to the university of my liking. At the same time I will be close to home so I won't have to pay for food and board.

Even though most of my future is ambiguous, I have at least the beginnings of an outline to what will later become my life's story.